Colostrum UK imports colostrum products from the world’s largest producer, Fonterra of New Zealand, and markets to both retailers under our brand Neovite and wholesaler to established sports nutrition companies.

End-customers include professional and highly-ranked amateur athletes and sports people including Olympic medal-winners, national and international class cyclists, record-breaking long-distance runners, Rugby Union teams and Premier League soccer teams.

The team at Henman Communications has achieved valuable editorial coverage across all our key sports media including: tennis, rugby, running, triathlon, Ironman, cycling as well as with other key health, nutrition, fitness, and well-being publications and websites. They have also created video testimonials with our sponsored elite athletes and leveraged this
content across social media channels. We look forward to working with the team at Henman Communications in the future.”

John Rolfs, CEO Colostrum (UK) Limited

Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth and is a source of biologically active nutrient proteins. It is collected from cattle and goats and is a natural food that has been used since ancient times by pastoral peoples. Commercial colostrum is marketed on the basis of its bio-active proteins which effect the growth and repair of the body and which influence the immune system to:

  • Promote digestive health and efficiency
  • Fight infection and support the immune system
  • Speed healing and recovery of damaged tissues

The production process, which includes sophisticated pasteurisation and drying stages, must be carefully controlled and is critical to the levels of essential bioactivity remaining in the finished product.

PR deliverables

  • Annual PR strategy & plan covering: editorial, advertising, sampling at events, competitions, video testimonials, sponsorship and brand activation.
  • Drive editorial coverage in key consumer, sports, health, nutrition, and lifestyle print media to support sales – both B2B and B2C.
  • Social media strategy and delivery.
  • Media partnerships, advertorials, competitions, reader-offers.
  • Filming, scripting, editing and distribution of athlete video testimonials.
  • Press office management at The London Triathlon Show, The Running Show & The TCR Show.
  • PR activation of the Welsh Triathlon Association sponsorship.

Neovite sponsored athletes

During our appointment we co-ordinated media interviews for many of Neovite’s brand ambassadors including:

  • Julia Shaw, multiple British Time-Trial Champion and national record breaking cyclist
  • Cecilia Morrison, British record holding age-group runner and European 5 & 10k champion
  • Gustav Erik Larsson, Olympic and World Time-Trial silver medal cyclist
  • Sharon Gayter, top ultra-marathon runner, Land’s End to John O’Groats record breaker
  • Chris Hopkinson, Britain’s first Race across America cycling success
  • Nathan Cleverley, undefeated light heavyweight boxing prospect
  • Elena Baltacha, British No.1 tennis player and world Top 40 player
  • Scott Neyedli, International Ironman champion & 3 times Scottish National Triathlete champion
  • Germain Burton, U16 National Youth Road Circuit Champion and U16 National Champion
  • Peter Norfolk, World No 1 quad wheelchair singles tennis player.

Print & online coverage

We secured many editorial features in leading consumer newspapers, magazines and websites across the sport, health & lifestyle and sports nutrition media outlets including:,, sportsister. com, Single Track, 220 magazine,, Running Fitness, Running Free, tri-radar, Tennishead, Ace tennis, Cycling Weekly, Men’s Running, Women’s Running as well as many national daily newspapers and websites

Stakeholder Management

Our activities included liaising with a range of stakeholders including research scientists from top UK universities:

  • Dr Glen Davison, University of Aberystwyth
  • Dr Ara Kanekanian, University of Wales Institute Cardiff
  • Dr Justin Roberts, University of Hertfordshire
  • Dr Graeme Close, John Moores University, Liverpool
  • Dr Gary Coulton, St George’s Medical School, University of London

Recognised experts in sports science and sports nutrition

  • Joe Beer, Mark Kleanthous and Phil Jarvis, leading elite triathlon coaches
  • Matt Lovell (rugby) and Nigel Mitchell (cycling), leading elite sports nutritionists
  •  Mike Antoniades, Sport Dimensions, soccer sprint coach and injury rehab specialist
  • Hannah Reynolds, coaching editor Cycling Weekly
  • Ray Klerck, former fitness editor, Men’s Health Magazine